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Effective Test Case and Bug Report Writing Techniques

About This Course

During this course attendees will learn how testers write effective test cases and bug reporting , techniques of testing any Software , also How they applied as a freelancer. During this Course, attendees will learn how to test any software in practical and view all Process of Testing .

Course Objectives: The learning objective of the course is to Learn

  • Software Testing Life cycle
  • Techniques of Software testing and Different types of apps
  • Writing effective test cases
  • Writing effective bug Report and Bug Tracking tools
  • Bug Life Cycle
  • Work As a Freelancer


Introduction to software testing concepts & techniques

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Eman Saad, buisness intelligence testing consultant.

Eman received a bachelor degree in Electrical & Communication Engineering from Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University, Egypt in 2010. She joined ITI 9-month diploma in “Software Testing & Quality Assurance” department intake 31. She has about 7 years experience in Software testing. She worked as a software quality engineer at Asset Technology group. She was hired as deputy in “Software Testing & Quality assurance” department at ITI. She was a teaching assistant and instructor for different courses such as Effective test case writing and bug reporting, Javascript Tesing, XML and xml web. She ranked as a golden tester from Utest . Recently she is currently working as BI testing consultant in CIB Egypt. She has a lot of Experience in BI testing. She has a lot of Certificate & Awards in Software Testing & Quality Assurance such as:

  • Agile-tester-extension certified
  • Certified Associate in software Quality (CASQ) certified
  • ISTQB Foundation Level certified
  • IBM award, Kidsware Competition (trained more than 100 students)