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Instructional Design

About This Course

Focus on the assessment, design, development, implementation, and analysis of instructional materials for e-learning systems is the heart of this course. Students will analyze the differences between various instructional design models and identify the theoretical constructs supporting each model and how they best relate to the students' e-learning needs in their specific organizations. A systems approach provides the foundational structure for students to determine the "when, where, what and why" of instructional design for e-learning. The final project will involve the instructional design of a specific course or training module or educational object relating to learner's needs.

Course Objectives

  • Analyze the difference between various instructional models.
  • Identify the theoretical constructs supporting each ID model.
  • Define the concept of Instructional Design.
  • Use ADDIE model in eLearning course production.
  • Develop Learning Objectives for an e-course.
  • Design storyboard for e-Content.
  • Explain different Learning Domains.
  • Define eLearning principles.
  • Identify content types.
  • Requirements

    Complete elearning Fundamentals Course

    Course Staff

    Course Staff Image #2

    Moheb Gamal, Deputy of the eLearning Center of Excellence

    Moheb Gamal is the Deputy of the eLearning Center of Excellence and also he is a Senior Instructional Designer and Teaching Assistant ,He is working for Information Technology Institute . Moheb has more than 7 years experience in the eLearning field , As a Deputy of the eLearning Center of Excellence he is responsible for Leading Content Development Projects in Arabic and English Languages for Mobile and Computer Based Training . He is working on his Masters Degree in Educational Technologies in Cairo University. Moheb has a big contribution to spread the eLearning Culture in the Egyptian Community.

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